Brikkho Mela in Dhaka city

Brikho Mela or Tree fair is now an annual fair in Dhaka City,which takes place in Agargaon through June.People from every corner of the city visit this fair especially the tree and plants lovers come here frequently. The main attraction of the fair is trees-from tiny seedlings to grown ones with fruits.

Brikho Mela at Agargaon in Dhaka City

I have a roof-top garden.In the garden I have variety of  trees such as Guava, lemon and kamranga (starfruit) etc.Roof-top gardening has became a hobby for some house-owners in Dhaka city. A roof-top garden needs large containers ( drums) and good soil and plenty of  hybrid fruit trees.

The fair contains various stalls of  fruit trees and flowers. Home decoration flowers such as orchids,palms,money plants are also available here. Some stalls display Egyptian sweet fig, longan, dragonfruit, passionfruit (also called Tang) and avocado trees.Jambura, tetul, sofeda and mango are popular items in the fair. People feel delight when they see small trees bearing fruits and flowers. Taking a selfie with trees or flowers became a hobby. 

A pot plant in the fair

I  mainly visit orchids flowers stalls. Depto orchids stall in the fair exhibits some common orchids which can survive in the home conditions such as Dendrobiums,Vanda,Fox tail,Cattleya,Phalaenopsis etc. Orchids are high priced. You have to bargain with the sellers.Usually a Dendrobium orchid costs around 250-500 taka and a Phalaenopsis may cost 1000 to 3000 taka per piece. The nursery also exhibits seedlings of  the Dendrobium orchids.

Those who have no scope for roof-top gardening try to buy fancy flowers plants,Cactus and varieties of money plants. If you are tree lovers,this is the fair you must attend.    

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