Eating Out: Shawkat Kabab Ghor,Mirpur,Dhaka

Eating out with family or friends has become a part of our lifestyle now a day. We sometimes feel boring to eat homemade foods and want a break. As I am a resident of Mirpur,I usually like to visit a local Kabab restaurant named ‘SHAWKAT KABAB GHOR’ in Mirpur.

Shawkat Kabab Ghor,Mirpur,Dhaka
The restaurant remain overcrowded all time. So you have to wait for some time to have a seat. Various types of mouthwatering kababs are available here. Customers having the kabab with paratas or luchi. In holydays such as Friday and Saturday the restaurant remain over-crowded. You may not have any seat. So guys avoid holidays.
Kabab items.
Kabab Items list
  Ghorur chap ( Beef cutlet)
Murgi chap ( Chicken cutlet)
 Khashi chap ( Mutton cutlet)  
Mogoj ( Brain)
Shami kabab
Jali kabab
        Deem chap ( egg cutlet)
      Shahi kabab
   Guli kabab
Alur chap
Sheek kabab
Boti kabab
Special Parata
Kema chap
Native chicken roast 

Shawket Kabab Ghor-Front side

Address :  Shop no-1 ( Opposite to Mirpur Indoor Stadium)

Secion : 10, Block-A


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