My Roof-top orchid garden

I have a little roof-top garden. When I first saw orchids on a street stall of  Dhanmondi Residential area, I just fall in love with orchids. Attractive colors, shiny petals and small to medium sized flowers just made me crazy. I started to collect orchids plants from Dhanmondi, Agargoan and Mirpur nurseries.Soon it became my passion.Each year I visit  Brikha Mela in Agargaon to collect seedlings of orchids.

Dendrobium Orchid
I have set up a Matcha (bamboo roof) and placed net over the roof. Orchids need shadow to grow and bloom.Orchids also need plenty of air. In forest orchids grow on trees.Some orchids also grow on ground. The Dendrobium orchid is common in Dhaka's nurseries. It is also low priced. 

Ground orchid
I started my roof-top garden with Dendrobium and now I have a collection of almost 25 species of orchids. This hanging plants make me happy everyday. When my mood goes down, I just look at the flowers, their mind warming colors and brightness, deep greenish leafs give me strength. 

The dancing dolls orchids

 Just look at the above orchid.It is called 'The dancing dolls' orchid. If you closely observe the flower, you will see that little girls wearing yellow Gagra ( Indian dancing custom) dancing extending their hands above their heads. 

Catellya orchids is a medium to large sized orchids. It's native land is Thailand.Catellya orchids are used to decorate houses, offices and hotels in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines. It is also called 'Cut flowers'. 

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