Birishiri:The un-seen beauty of Bangladesh

Riverscape:The Shamashwari

Frame in frame: Bangladesh-India Border

The Shameshwari

Portrait Study:An Old Garo Woman

At the dawn of life......

Portrait Study:An Old Garo Man

Portrait Study:An Old Hazong Woman

China Clay or White Clay mine in Durgapur,Natrokona

Landscape of Durgapur

Portrait Study:Two friendly young girls in Durgapur

I will come back once again in the bank of the Shameshwari...

Shusong Durgapur of Birishiri will surely get the prize of the most photogenic natural look of all. Its scenic beauty is very unique. What makes it so charming is that theceramic mountain, blue water of the mountain’s valley, Shomeshwari River, deserted coal mines and the green countryside.

Shusong Durgapur of Birishiri is located at Netrokona about 200 km north from Dhaka. It’s not only blessed by charismatic natural beauty, is also reach in ethnic culture as there are many ethnic groups like – Hajong, Garo, Achik and Mandi etc lives here. Many people around the world come here to learn the ethnic culture and livings.

The main attraction of Birishiri is the ceramic hill of Durgapur and the picturesque landscape along the Shomeshwari River. Except the rainy season it’s hard to find any water in the river and that’s why the river changes its landscape color with the seasons. There is also an ethnic museum at Birishiri. It’s a must place to visit while you are in Birishiri.

Birishiri is a remote place as it is situated at the Bangladesh India border. As a result all modes of transportation aren’t available here. So the best way to get in here is by road from Dhaka. You can find direct bus to Birishiri from Mohakhali bus stand at Dhaka. It will take 7 hours to get there and last half an hour may get bumpy as the last 30 km road is not well constructed. When you are there you can go around the town by rickshaws. In fact it is advised to visit the tourists spot in rickshaws as the pullers know all the places very well.For us,It took almost 7 hours to reach YMCA Guest house by microbus.

There is two way to get yourself accommodate. One is you can camp on the hills if you come here in a group. And the other way is to book rooms of YMCA rest house. However you stay there it will not get in your way of enjoying your stay at Birishiri. The memories you will get on that trip will be unforgettable and magnetic.

Main Route to Birishiri:Dhaka-Mymensingh

If you like stay at YMCA Guest House,then here is the updated contact information
Mr.Antu :01743306230,01714418039


Munshigonj Part-1

Cox's Bazar in Rainy Season

I made a short trip to cox's bazar on 29-30 July to capture the beauty of the cox's bazar in rainy season. It was really a wonderful trip.The sky ah

Inani Beach

Ukhiya beach-fishing boats

Kalatoli Beach,Cox's Bazar

Ukhiya beach-A Typical fishing boat

Kalatoli Beach,Cox's Bazar

fishermen village in ukhiya: football on the beach

Ha-do-do on the kalatoli beach

Bird's view:Himchari

A walk through the History-Old Dhaka:Part-1

A typical narrow road of old Dhaka
The gate of Historical Tara Mosque
Armenian Church at Aremanitola

Image of you in a cloud rolls by
The sky opens up, somewhere in my mind
A vision of you in a pale blue dress
Tears falling down, you took my breath
Memories of you . . .

Rain always hides these tears in my eyes
Thunder laughs and my soul dies
Will I hear your voice
Will I touch your skin
Will the ocean waves let me in

Epitaph read like a warning sign
Lightning strikes, I close my eyes
A vision of you in a torn red dress
Tears in your eyes, your hair a mess
Memories of you . . .

Rain always hides these tears in my eyes
Thunder laughs and my soul dies
Will I hear your voice
Will I touch your skin
Will the ocean waves let me in

The time is near, the time is nigh
To answer the call, to answer the cry
My head still spins, my body aches
Cold wind stings my eyes, my face
Look around, no one there
Will anybody notice, anyone care . . .

Will I hear you laugh
Will I see you cry
Will this world just end and let me die
by Jaimie D. Travis

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A Epitaph
Cemetery inside the Armenian Church
The Armenian Church, Dhaka: It is one of the oldest constructions in this city and was built in 1781. The Armenians were rich influential business community. Armenian traders came to the Indian subcontinent in 12th century. After their ample success in trade, Mughal Emperor Akbar permitted them to preach. The Armenian Church in old Dhaka was one of the meeting places for the orthodox Armenian Christians, who observe Christmas on January 7. In the mid-19th century, they numbered no more than about 40 families. Because of their close business ties with the British East India Company, many Armenians became rich 'zamindars' with palatial houses. The church in Armanitola, in the heart of the crowded old city is known an oasis of tranquility. Twice a year the Armenian Archbishop from Australia comes here to hold ceremonies. Mother Teresa during her visit to Dhaka, stayed in this compound. The Church has a chapel with a balcony and the original wooden seat for 100 people. The ground cover nearly a hectare and is paved with 350 old graves stones, some quite ornately carved. Judging by the ages of those buried here, it seems that the local climate suit the Armenians.

The Sadar Ghat

The Sadar Ghat's boy
Jumping is fun..