How to recharge Titas Gas Prepaid Meter

Hi dear fellow, Titas Gas Authority have installed Prepaid Gas Meter.  Many clients have found it somewhat difficult to recharge gas meter with the printed users manual-the instructions on the leaflet.

Today I want to share some quick tips on recharging Titas Gas Meter that is installed in your house. When your account balance goes down ( the bar on the right screen indicates the balance) to one bar-it starts to blink ( you may have only 2 or 3 unit for using) it needs to recharge.

Please follow the following procedures.

a. Go to the recharge point with the card. Refill 1000 taka in case of  first time.The vendor will take 10 taka as a service charge.

b. Take and reserve the payment token (it will be needed in future)

c. First, Press A Button  3 times for interval of  one second time and see for flashing IN on the Gas Charge screen.

d. Place the card on near/close to the the indicated sign ▭ while the IN sign flashing.

e. Card sign will be displayed.Just keep the card contact with the meter.

f. When the End sign displays, just take off the card and your meter is successfully recharged.

Note:  Do not try to recharge your meter while it displays full charge ( 4 bars), It may display error (E30- I experienced it ) and fail to recharge.

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  1. Unknown says:

    My meter shows "close" after recharging. How do I open it

    gitto says:

    When shoes e30 then what to do

    Unknown says:

    i am facing e30 problem

    Unknown says:

    Me also

    Unknown says:

    When shoes e30 then what to do

    Tanzil says:

    What should i do if e30 error code appers

    for e30 error..u can't solve it yourself.Call the customer service and book a date

    Unknown says:

    My meter shows 'close' after recharging.How do i open it?

    I am facing that problem. How did you solved it?
    Thank you

    Hold the B button on the right for 6 seconds

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