Saint Martin:Island of Sun and Sand

The magnificant sun rise in Saint Martin

The Coral Beach

The Blue Marine Hotel

The Cherra Dwip

I still remain....

The Coral

The fishing boat

At first I would like to thanks people of Saint Martin for their wonderful behaviour and co-operation.It was really a enjoyable tour.The sun set,sun rise,the moon lit night,the breeze,the hot sun,the wave...everything was marvelous and speechless.Before stating my experience I would like to share some basic information about saint martin.

St.Martin is one of the most attractive tourist spot in bangladesh.Saint Martin’s Island is Located on the southern-most tip of Bangladesh, roughly between 20° 34² - 20° 39² N and 92° 18² - 92° 21' E and 48 kilometers off Taknaf, the most southern main land of Bangladesh . The Island is flat and just only about 3m high from the sea level. The island is very much resourceful with enormous biological diversity such as existing fauna and flora Coral, Mollusk, Fish, Amphibian, Turtle, Snail, Bird and Mammals. Besides above coconut tree is the important cash crop. For the abundance of the coconut tree, local people call it Narikel Jinjira.

St. Martin Island is about 7.315 km in length. Geographer and experts divide this island into three parts. Northern part is called Narikel Jinjira or Uttarpara. It is 2. 134 km long and 1, 402 m wide. The southern part is called Dakshin para by the local and its length and width are successively 1929 m and 1890 m. The middle part which known as Maddhapara locally is connecting the two parts. The length and width respectively 1524m and 518m.

In addition to the main island there are some number of small islands are found in there. The people of Saint Martin Dwip is called them Cheradiya or Siradiya which means separate island. Though there are numbers of separated small islands in St. Martin Island, Only one notable separated island is a place of tourist’s visiting which we called Cheradiya or Chera dwip. The others are not as big as it.

Chera Dwip is a part of St. Martin Island but it is separated during tides. You can easily go there on foot in the time of outgoing tide or low tide. You can be going there within 1.5 to 2 hours.

Saint Martin Dip (island) is the only coral island and the most attractive island of Bangladesh. Though the area is about 8 square km approximately, it reduces to about 5 sq. km in the high tide.


Personal experience: I started for st.martin at 8:30 pm from arambagh bus stand on 09.11.11.My wife munia,my daughter rosa and my sister-in-law raha were my travel 8:45 pm we boarded on Shamoli paribahan for going to teknaf.On this nigh long journey we had our dinner at noorjahan resturant at commilla.At 1:00 a.m we crossed chittagong town and had a little refreshment at chokria.At dawn around 7:00 am we reached Keary Sinbad ship jetty and had our breakfast with eggs,paratas and dal vaji.We board on Sinbad on 9:30 am form teknaf jetty and headed for st.marting.The sky was clear.the sun was hot and air was warm.The sea was claim.As the ship crossed the mouth of naf river,we entered to the deep sea,the ship was little twisting.All landmarks just vanished.I could sea only water around the ship.we crossed a number of fishing boats engaged with fishing.

cherra deep

Beach of saint martin(near main jetty)

The flying fish

Coconut seller at cherra deep

Cherra deep

Children of the island-1

Cherra deep

Cherra deep

Cherra deep

Vistor on cherra deep

Landscape of cherra deep

The Cherra Deep

Main Jetty

The Dream-1

Main Jetty

The light after the sun set

Main beach after the sun set
Children of the island-2

The upper (Children of the island-2) published on the popular weekly magazine of Bangladesh
named 'Shaptahik-2000'

The lonely boat

The sun set on the western beach

The dawn(ISO 1600,55 mm,F4.0,S1/2s,aperture priority)

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