On the bank of River Turag

Photo Story: I was feeling bore in Friday and decided to go out side of this concrete jungle.You know,you can hardly escape this concrete of jungle..there is no fresh air to breath in..sound..lot of sound around me.Where should I escape? Finally I made my choice and took my Digital Camera,my only friend..whom I trust most.I went to Beri Badth near Botanical Garden,Mirpur.It was late evening.The sun was about to sink.The river turag on front of me,gave the impression that it is near about to die.The river became narrow.Sand dunes are clearly visible from this side.I took some shots of riverscape..the boats...young children breathing in the river...the riverside fish market..the charming evening light around me and offcourse ,the fresh air.

3 Response to "On the bank of River Turag"

  1. Anonymous says:

    tnx bro amader banglar chitro tula dhorar jonno .

    shubho says:

    thanks.more pic will be posted soon..

    Anonymous says:

    Wonderful expression of our city..... Nice work...
    Thank U.

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