My Roof-top orchid garden

I have a little roof-top garden. When I first saw orchids on a street stall of  Dhanmondi Residential area, I just fall in love with orchids. Attractive colors, shiny petals and small to medium sized flowers just made me crazy. I started to collect orchids plants from Dhanmondi, Agargoan and Mirpur nurseries.Soon it became my passion.Each year I visit  Brikha Mela in Agargaon to collect seedlings of orchids.

Dendrobium Orchid
I have set up a Matcha (bamboo roof) and placed net over the roof. Orchids need shadow to grow and bloom.Orchids also need plenty of air. In forest orchids grow on trees.Some orchids also grow on ground. The Dendrobium orchid is common in Dhaka's nurseries. It is also low priced. 

Ground orchid
I started my roof-top garden with Dendrobium and now I have a collection of almost 25 species of orchids. This hanging plants make me happy everyday. When my mood goes down, I just look at the flowers, their mind warming colors and brightness, deep greenish leafs give me strength. 

The dancing dolls orchids

 Just look at the above orchid.It is called 'The dancing dolls' orchid. If you closely observe the flower, you will see that little girls wearing yellow Gagra ( Indian dancing custom) dancing extending their hands above their heads. 

Catellya orchids is a medium to large sized orchids. It's native land is Thailand.Catellya orchids are used to decorate houses, offices and hotels in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines. It is also called 'Cut flowers'. 

Brikkho Mela in Dhaka city

Brikho Mela or Tree fair is now an annual fair in Dhaka City,which takes place in Agargaon through June.People from every corner of the city visit this fair especially the tree and plants lovers come here frequently. The main attraction of the fair is trees-from tiny seedlings to grown ones with fruits.

Brikho Mela at Agargaon in Dhaka City

I have a roof-top garden.In the garden I have variety of  trees such as Guava, lemon and kamranga (starfruit) etc.Roof-top gardening has became a hobby for some house-owners in Dhaka city. A roof-top garden needs large containers ( drums) and good soil and plenty of  hybrid fruit trees.

The fair contains various stalls of  fruit trees and flowers. Home decoration flowers such as orchids,palms,money plants are also available here. Some stalls display Egyptian sweet fig, longan, dragonfruit, passionfruit (also called Tang) and avocado trees.Jambura, tetul, sofeda and mango are popular items in the fair. People feel delight when they see small trees bearing fruits and flowers. Taking a selfie with trees or flowers became a hobby. 

A pot plant in the fair

I  mainly visit orchids flowers stalls. Depto orchids stall in the fair exhibits some common orchids which can survive in the home conditions such as Dendrobiums,Vanda,Fox tail,Cattleya,Phalaenopsis etc. Orchids are high priced. You have to bargain with the sellers.Usually a Dendrobium orchid costs around 250-500 taka and a Phalaenopsis may cost 1000 to 3000 taka per piece. The nursery also exhibits seedlings of  the Dendrobium orchids.

Those who have no scope for roof-top gardening try to buy fancy flowers plants,Cactus and varieties of money plants. If you are tree lovers,this is the fair you must attend.    

Eating Out: Shawkat Kabab Ghor,Mirpur,Dhaka

Eating out with family or friends has become a part of our lifestyle now a day. We sometimes feel boring to eat homemade foods and want a break. As I am a resident of Mirpur,I usually like to visit a local Kabab restaurant named ‘SHAWKAT KABAB GHOR’ in Mirpur.
Shawkat Kabab Ghor,Mirpur,Dhaka
The restaurant remain overcrowded all time. So you have to wait for some time to have a seat. Various types of mouthwatering kababs are available here. Customers having the kabab with paratas or luchi. In holydays such as Friday and Saturday the restaurant remain over-crowded. You may not have any seat. So guys avoid holidays.
Kabab items.
Kabab Items list
  Ghorur chap ( Beef cutlet)
Murgi chap ( Chicken cutlet)
 Khashi chap ( Mutton cutlet)  
Mogoj ( Brain)
Shami kabab
Jali kabab
        Deem chap ( egg cutlet)
      Shahi kabab
   Guli kabab
Alur chap
Sheek kabab
Boti kabab
Special Parata
Kema chap
Native chicken roast 

Shawket Kabab Ghor-Front side

Address :  Shop no-1 ( Opposite to Mirpur Indoor Stadium)

Secion : 10, Block-A


Ocean Paradise Hotel and Resort ,Cox's Bazar-A experience to remember

I made a tour plan with my family members two months ago and booked Ocean Paradise Hotel and resort from Dhaka.The purpose of our tour to celebrate the Bangla New Year in Cox's Bazar. Ocean Paradise and Resort is one of the luxurious hotels (5 stars) in Cox's Bazar.  We started our journey from Kalabagan Bust stop and reached  Cox's Bazar at 10 am morning .

When we arrived in the front of reception desk of the hotel, the hotel was fully occupied. Bangla New Year celebration was going on the ground floor's lobby. We checked-in our rooms and became fresh.The rooms were furnished and well decorated with modern luxurious items. After taking shower we went to the lobby. The lobby was full of guests and outside visitors.There were a number of stalls in the lobby exhibiting various fancy goods. Some exhibited food items such as pithas and cakes while some exhibited fancy dresses. People wore traditional Bangla New Year's customs such as Punjabi and sharee.Children were running here and there out of joy.The hotel was well decorated with flowers. Traditional Panta Bhat ( watered rice) and fried Hilsa fish were served among guests.  The atmosphere was very much charming. A troop of singers were singing Robindranath Tagore;s song-Asho Hay Boishak, Asho..Asho

In front of Ocean Paradise Hotel and Resort,Cox's Bazar

 We stayed at Ocean Paradise Hotel and Resorts for two nights. It was a really nice experience for our family members.

Swimming pool
Cox's Bazar at Night-Taken from the balcony of 255 no room in Ocean Paradise hotel and resort,Kalotoli,Coxbazar

If you want to stay in a five starred hotel,then Ocean Paradise Hotel & Resort can be a nice accommodation in Cox's Bazar. It has a well decorated restaurant on the second floor.Bar facility is also available.There is also a roof-top restaurant.The hotel Management also offers discounts on various occasions around the year.  

A visit to Muktijudha Jadughar ( Liberation War Museum)

I  and my daughter rosa suddenly visited Muktijudha Jadughar ( Liberation War Museum ) at Agargoan in Dhaka. It was a sunny day and we started for the museum at 9:30 am. The museum was newly built. It is a huge building. We arrived at the gate of the museum at 10 am. The entrance is free for everybody. Here is some information taken from the official website of Liberation War Museum.
“There are 4 galleries which display the protracted struggle of the people of Bangladesh for establishing their identity as a nation under the British regime as well as their struggle for democracy, political and economic emancipation from 1947 and finally their armed struggle during the 9 month long War of Liberation in 1971.”
My daughter rosa was very much excited. We visited the 4 galleries. The museum exhibits photos of the liberation war 1971 as well as some rare documents. We saw some weapons being exhibit in a gallery. These weapons were used by our brave and bold Liberation warrior ( Muktijudha). I read some rare documents which were very much informative. I saw a huge poster of refugees (children) had taken shelter in huge sewerage pipes. There were some photos of Muktijudha carring weapons in the battle field. We felt sorry as well as proud to see these historical photos. For me, the documents were very much interesting.
There is also a huge library on the ground floor. You can buy books on Liberation war. There is also a canteen on the ground floor.

Personal message: A great place for young generation who wants to know about our past glorious history.
Liberation War Museum
Plot : F11/A & F11/B
Sher-e Bangla Nagar,
Civic Centre, Agargaon, Dhaka

Museum Hours
Museum is open on all weekdays except Sunday between 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

In winter it is open between 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
You can record your personal impression of the museum displays and activities in the
comments register kept at the exit of gallery 4. 

Camera & video : Allowed 
Smoking : Not Allowed 

My selfie
My daughter was very excited

Photo courtesy : Liberation War Museum ,Agargoan,Dhaka
Photo courtesy : Liberation War Museum ,Agargoan,Dhaka
Photo courtesy : Liberation War Museum ,Agargoan,Dhaka
Photo courtesy : Liberation War Museum ,Agargoan,Dhaka

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